Here is a people-watching video LIVE from Bangkok. I'm at a bar next to the entrance of Nana Plaza. Grab a cold beer, kick back in the easy chair, and get ready for some people watching. THANKS goes out to all of my friends who sent SUPER CHAT MONEY!!! You guys made it rain up in here. I was looking at colors come across my screen like a rainbow had exploded. Patreon: You can buy me a beer for a dollar, or contribute a small fortune so I can hire a film crew. Either way, thank you very much in advance. Please take a moment to browse some good info down here in the old description box. I wrote two books, straight from the heart. They’re available on Amazon: How to Escape the Wrath of American Women and Live Like a King Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Want to meet a beautiful girl in the Philippines? Of course you do. Try this website: and read these articles: Best Rates on Hotel Rooms in Southeast Asia? Book on Agoda Travel Gear & Wardrobe: The green satchel I carry is from Saddleback Leather: The cool sunglasses I wear are from Wiley X: I got a new jacket for world travel that’s flame resistant: My hiking shoes are from Merrell and they’re waterproof: The belt that everyone is jealous of: Camera Gear & Videography I shoot video on an iPhone 8 Plus in 4K, or with my trusty old Sony Camcorder in 1080P: I’ve been shooting in 60FPS but I love the classic film look of 24FPS. I’m shooting most of my new content at 24FPS. I carry these tripods and mounts: Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod: Pixi Mini Tripod: RetiCAM Tripod Mount and Hand Grip: Another good piece of camera gear to have is a CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control This allows you to start and stop video with a small remote. My Friends, My name is Mark and I want to welcome you to Overstay Road. I travel the world on the cheap, write, cook, and try to not overstay my visa in whatever country I find myself in. If your passport is worn and tattered, you know exactly where I'm coming from. I produce videos on various topics that I hope you find entertaining. Please consider subscribing to my channel and sharing it with your friends. My videos are not scripted and often I am drinking beer, whisky, or rum during the filming. The language, dialogue, and opinions are exactly who I am. Authenticity is here because I answer to no corporate sponsors. It’s quite possible that some of the content may offend you if you’re sensitive to subjects such as religion, politics, and jagged reality. Don’t ask me to change because it ain’t going to happen. Whether you agree or disagree with the content, I hope you at least find my channel entertaining and worthy of your time. Mark #Bangkok #Thailand #Travel